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NK Empowerment Project is a charity-run business to help women leave toxic environments and abusive relationships. we support women in developing themselves to get right back on track to a happy, healthy lifestyle. 

with the help of our Sponsorships and donations, we are offering subsidised accommodation for 3 months for those escaping domestic violence. during these 3 months, our women will receive coaching and mentoring to learn how to cope with their past and how to build a better, stronger relationship with those around them - free of charge.

Not only will we be actively helping and supporting our women regain strength and happiness, NEP will also be supporting local businesses by providing renting space in our facility areas, therefore creating job opportunities for our women and local members of the public.

our plans

we plan to have:

- multiple chalets (one, two and three bed) to house our women

- studios for our daily activities

- all female staff excluding security at the gates - this is for comfort and safety

- nursery for those with children (home-schooling can be provided for women travelling)

- on-site facilities such as a shop, hairdressers, canteen and many more

- separate paid retreat funded by nina kundi coaching ltd

- separate paid workshops funded by nina kundi coaching ltd

CEO & Founder - Nina Kundi

the ceo

Nina Kundi

CEO & Founder

A multiple business owner and a 2021 Award Nominee with Women's Business Awards, Nina Kundi is a Relationship Coach. Nina helps people build up relationships with themselves and others as well as helping people control their emotional response. Check out her website here.

We recently did an interview with Nina, keep an eye on the link below for when it's out.


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